"Charmings vs. Evil Queen"
Song Information
Season Season Six
Episode "The Song in Your Heart"
Written by Alan Zachary &
Michael Weiner
Duration 1:47
Song Chronology
Previous Song "Wicked Always Wins"
Next Song "Emma's Theme"

"Charmings vs. Evil Queen" is a song featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner. It débuts in the twentieth episode of the sixth season.



Snow White & Prince Charming
There's a powerful magic
When two hearts are one
A powerful magic
Bright as the sun
Goodness will triumph, and evil's undone
When you dare to heed love's call
Cause love is the most powerful magic of all
Evil Queen
Down with love, down with hope
Don't need blind faith to cope
Or inspiring songs in my heart
Got the magic I need
For my darkest of deeds
Love at times can entrance
But love doesn't stand a chance
No, no, love doesn't stand a chance
Snow White & Prince Charming
It's a powerful magic
When two voices soar
We're ever more hopeful
For what lies in store
Evil Queen
Once I loved and once I learned
Love is weakness
Love will leave you burned
Snow White & Prince Charming
Nothing will stop us, no not anymore
With our daughter's fate at stake
Seems like we found a lucky break
Now let our song show the powerful magic
We can make
Evil Queen

Happy endings you will see
Your happy end will end with me
Love doesn't stand a chance
Evil Queen
Got you where I want you now
Your spell will soon be broken
Let us see how strong you are
When everything is spoken