"Wicked Always Wins"
Song Information
Season Season Six
Episode "The Song in Your Heart"
Written by Alan Zachary &
Michael Weiner
Duration 3:11
Song Chronology
Previous Song "Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine"
Next Song "Charmings vs. Evil Queen"

"Wicked Always Wins" is a song featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Alan Zachary & Michael Weiner. It débuts in the twentieth episode of the sixth season.



Finally, the moment I was hoping would come
The moment he would realize he chose the wrong one
There isn't any curse I could cause to match this feeling
The pain I knew, when Rumple turned his back on my heart
At last, it'll be Regina's, when her life falls apart
Suddenly the future's looking more appealing
Once I was filled with rage
Now I'll enjoy the ride
It's so electrifying
Watching all her dreams denied
Oh, I will fly into tomorrow
My sister full of sorrow
Finally paying for her sins
I'll smile over while she is crying
Inside she's slowly dying
Learning wicked always wins
Oh, evil may be powerful
But wicked always wins
If mum could see me now, she would ache with regret
Cause she witnessed all the glory wickedness gets
She went and made Regina queen, and my blood boiled
But that's all history
Time they all understood
What they call green with envy
I just call looking good
Oh, I will fly into tomorrow
My sister full of sorrow
Finally paying for her sins
They'll strife, her life was so enchanted
She took it all for granted
Now she'll dream all could have been
Oh, evil may be powerful
But wicked always-
Full of sorrow

So enchanted
For granted

Wicked always-

Zelena: Wait, why just revel in her demise, when I can use it to my advantage?

I'll give her a magic gift
To bring the Charmings down
When Regina stand victorious
I'll swoop right into town
When he learns this spell was mine
Oh Rumple he will see
He should have chosen me
So I will fly into tomorrow
Delighting in her sorrow
As a better day begins
This time nobody's gonna stop me
No evil's gonna top me
Oh, wicked always wins
Her happy ending will be mine
Cause wicked always wins

It's a better day
Stop me
No evil's gonna top me
Wicked always wins


Song NotesEdit

  • About the song, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis say it is "Zelena's moment to shine" as "Rebecca does a phenomenal job with that song". They added, "it's all sort of pertaining to the stuff that is happening".[1]